Support the Parks Program

Make a Purchase from Our Store and we’ll give 5% back to National Parks!


You will see on this website through my bio, blog posts, and other material that I am a firm believer in making a mark on the world – the “It’s a Wonderful Life” syndrome. I truly hope that my life and my contributions, no matter how small, will result in the world being in a better place because I was in it.

I never had any thoughts of starting my own company, but as the Jemaine idea grew, I realized that I had a rare opportunity to give back. As a citizen of this country, I am honored to be a part owner of these wonderful lands, and want to help ensure they are preserved and properly cared for.

So 5% of all net sales for any book, merchandise, or item sold by Jemaine Enterprises will be donated to our National Park system.

Please visit the parks, enjoy them, and remember to leave them the way you found them for the next generation.

Yours Truly-

Cheri Jones