Meet Cheri Jones

I was born in San Diego, California. In the late 60’s, our family moved to a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I am the baby of the family, with two older sisters whom I am grateful to share life’s experiences. Though I tried to be the center of attention at home, outwardly, I was very shy. When my parents divorced in my early teens, it turned my world upside down. It was hard, but looking back now I’m grateful, because those experiences shaped who I am today.

After a brief stint in Arizona, I am currently back in Colorado with my amazing husband, Kent. My children, Maddie and Jake, are in college, starting lives of their own. Halfway through this wonderful life, it seemed a good time to quit corporate America and re-invent myself. And if I can help support our National Parks as well, all the better.

Just to be clear – I am not the “avid backpacker/ one with nature/minimalist type”, and I don’t pretend to be. Glamping is more my cup of tea – or even better, staying in local hotels or lodges. Preserving the beauty of nature for future generations is what I’m all about.

Thank you for your interest in Jemaine and my story, and I wish you happiness in all your future adventures!