Leaf Peeping at the National Parks!

Leaf Peeping at the National Parks!

I don’t know about you, but I just love Autumn.  Not only is the weather moderate pretty much anywhere you go, but especially in Colorado we have those beautiful bright sunny days where everything just seems more crisp and clean.  And watching mother earth prepare for the winter results in so many beautiful landscapes.  Nearly every year I make it a point to go to the mountains to get a grand vista of the leaves changing colors.  But as I was just visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, I pondered when would have been the best time of year to visit this park and see the leaves change?

I found this article which recommendations when and which parks to visit, based on when the leaves are estimated to peak.  It also includes activities to maximize your views.  Though it may be too late for this year (unless you are planning a trip to Tennessee), it’s good to have this as a reference for future plans.  See you at the parks!

Your Complete Guide To Leaf Peeping At US National Parks This Fall


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