“Dos and Don’ts” of Visiting National Parks During COVID

“Dos and Don’ts” of Visiting National Parks During COVID

You’ve probably heard by now – the parks are more crowded than ever, few of the services are open, there are no rangers/activities… is it really worth it to visit a National Park during COVID?  The answer is yes, if you adjust your expectations and plan in advance!  Check out Jemaine’s Dos and Don’ts of visiting the parks during the COVID restrictions – Dos and Donts of NP during COVID.  After recently returning from Tetons and Yellowstone, I can saythat the parks are still a nice getaway from the stresses of everyday life – and one of the few things we can still enjoy.  See you at the parks!


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  1. Holly Hamson October 17, 2020 at 12:57 pm · · Reply

    I don’t see a link to the Dos and Don’ts article.

    • Holly:
      I know it is not obvious, but if you put your mouse over the text “Dos and Don’ts of NP during COVID” you’ll notice that it turns blue, and then you can click on that. I will try to make if more obvious… thanks!!

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