Road Trips, Glaciers & Mountain Goats...

How a Family Road Trip to a National Park Lead to an Idea for a New Children’s Book Series.

I love to travel, but have always had a special fondness for road trips; seeing the countryside, reading the maps, playing games with my sisters in the back of the station wagon. I wanted to share that love with my children, and for them to gain an appreciation of the beauty and different experiences that the U.S. has to offer.

Our favorite trips were to National Parks and historic places, and if there was an amusement park nearby, that was always on the schedule! In 2015 the family took a trip to Glacier National Park, and it struck a chord with me. On the trip, we stopped at the Visitor Center and I fell in love with this stuffed mountain goat. We called him Jemaine, and he went on a grand adventure with us.

I realized it was a fun idea for a children’s book, and after 30 years of working in accounting in corporate America, I took the plunge.

I hope you take Jemaine along with you as you travel to our wonderful National Parks and Monuments, and are excited to read about his next adventure!

Cheri Jones

Creator & Author of the Jemaine series

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